Truth and Justice For Patrick Docherty

Judge Hardy stated: "Sometimes ladies and gentlemen there is NO direct evidence at all in a case and this is a case, which if it doesn't come into that category is pretty close to it"

Important Details

Witness M R stated in Court

 That the only reason he gave a statement was to get out on bail.

Witness H MC
claimed to have met Patrick Docherty and had a conversation with him, he said Patrick had his hair dyed, he asked Pat he said,  "what is with the hair Pat?" Pat replied "DNA you know."

Patrick Docherty was in police custody when this conversation was alleged to have taken place.

Witness E O'B  stated that he spoke to Patrick in a back street and that Patrick was looking pale and dodgy.

 Witness JL  stated in court: that Brendan Dixon admitted that he was in Mrs Irvine's home, however he did not have time to rob Mrs Irvine because he had to runaway to go and argue with his ex-girlfriend, there were other witnesses present to say that this conversation did not take place, However,they were not called to court and their evidence was not heard.

Witness AH stated in court that he heard that Patrick Docherty, Colin Miller and another man had committed the robbery. He said Patrick was up stairs trying to bite the rings off Mrs Irvine's fingers. Patrick was making too much noise, Colin Miller shouted, "wait and i will show you what to do."

It was proven in court that Mrs Irvine's fingers had not been bitten.

It was also proven that Patrick Docherty has got false teeth.

There were many witnesses not called to court who could have cleared Brendan Dixon  and Patrick Docherty .Why were they NEVER called?

Many of the witnesses above had been brought from police custody to give evidence.


 One of the witness, Edward O'Brien is no stranger to violence and crime.


February 15th 2001

Lancashire Evening Telegraph

Police are following up leads in Scotland after a national appeal to find a man who failed to appear in court in connection with a violent attack.

Darwen Detective Sergeant Neil Hunter appeared on BBC TVs Crimewatch Daily, programme on Monday in an effort to track down Edward O'Brien, who failed to turn up to a Crown Court trial in Burnley on January 29th.

As a result, police are now following leads in Scotland, particularly in the Kilmarnock area, where he is known to have family.

O'Brien, 22, whose last given address was 15b Edmund Street, Darwen, is to face aggravated burglary charges in relation to an offence in Accrington last March. DS Hunter said, "Even before the programme had finished we recieved a number of calls. "It has given us some very postitive lines of enquiry and we are working closely with our colleagues in Strathclyde. We recieved more pertinent calls on Monday than I did when I appeared ion Crimewatch UK last August. "On Monday we got about 20 calls and all were relevant but on Crimewatch UK we got about 100, of which only about five were useful.

"O'Brien has shown in the past that he has a violent side and that he is prepared to use it as well. We believe he would not hesitate in targetting elderly members of the community and I would urge people not to approach this man, "he said.

Anyone with information is asked ot contact Darwen CID on 01254 353842


From News of The World 13th September 2009


 Perv's booze sex with teen

Pervert Edward O'Brien had sex with a 14 year old after getting her drunk.
The 36 year old met the runaway girl in a Kilmarnock street in August 2006.

At the town's sherriff court this week he was placed on the sex offenders register with two years probation.