Truth and Justice For Patrick Docherty

Judge Hardy stated: "Sometimes ladies and gentlemen there is NO direct evidence at all in a case and this is a case, which if it doesn't come into that category is pretty close to it"

Proof that Patrick Docherty could not be the person seen

by Charles Keers on 3rd or 4th July 2003 when Mrs Irvine's home was broken into the first time.


Crown Witness No.7 testified In Court Under Oath, that on 27th September 2003 He noticed two men walking up And down the street,  which was attached to the home of his aunt.

He stated:
They always appeared together, But gave the impression that they were not together! They did not appear to speak to each other. He was suspicious of them on 27th September 2003, because it was a hot day and one of them was wearing A baseball cap, with A hood over It.

He was unsure of the identification,  but he thought the accused Docherty was the smaller of the two.

Pressed further on Identification, He Finally Concedes; Maybe It Was Him, Maybe It Wasn't.

When Asked Under Oath If He Had Ever Seen These Two Men Before, He Said He Had Only Ever Saw These Two Men On A Previous Occasion, Two Months Before Hand, At The Beginning Of July, 2003, When He Saw Them Walking Up And Down The Street.

His Aunts House Was Broken Into On Or About 4th July.

After The House Was Broken Into Around The Beginning Of July, Witness No.7 Said The Two Men Dissappeared Out Of Sight For A While, And He Never Saw Them Again Until They Appeared Walking Up And Down The Street Again On September 27th 2003.

Who Ever Broke Into The House On The First Occassion Has Never Been Caught,

But If The Two Men Seen On September 27th 2003 Are The Same Two Men Witness No.7 Saw In July 2003, Then Without A Doubt, And With 1OO % Accuracy, Patrick Docherty Was Not One Of Those Two Men, As At The Time The House Was Broken Into, July 4th 2003, Patrick Docherty Was In Bowhouse Prison Doing A 30 Month And A 5 Month Sentence. He Went Into Bowhouse Prison On February 14th 2002, And Did Not Get Released Until August 1st 2003, Some 17.5 Months Later.

So Being In Prison And Having An Air-Tight Alibi For The First Break-In On July 4th 2003, It Would Be Physically Impossible For Him To Have Been One Of The Two Men Seen Walking Up And Down The Street In July.

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 Patrick Docherty was in prison on this date


He was released on this day. Which proves he could not have been the person who burgled Mrs Irvine's home on 4 July 03.


Liberation Date